Hire a freelance Graphic Designer

Why would you hire a freelance Graphic Designer rather than just go to a Design Agency or attempt to design graphics yourself?

Using a Design Agency

Well, Let’s start with Agencies. First of all, let me say that Design Agencies are worth their weight in Gold. Good Design Agencies produce incredible results, but on the flip side, they usually have a large specialist team to support and this is often reflected in the price, and quite rightly so! Design and Advertising Agencies will often use Freelance Graphic Designers themselves so if you already use an agency, then some of your work may have been carried out by a freelance designer so you know they have the skills you need. If you have a very large demand for design combined with marketing and PR, then absolutely a good design agency is the way to go. But if not, then read on…

Designing everything yourself

So, you have a Mac, and you have ideas. Why would you not just design everything yourself? To put it bluntly, your valuable time is better spent on running your business or managing your team and customers. Many designers have been through years of training, university degrees and have years of invaluable industry experience under their belt. So unsurprisingly, there are things a professional graphic designer can produce in a tenth of the time that you ever could. Don’t make the mistake that your time is free of cost. You are running a business, or leading a team, so don’t add to your workload when it is frankly un-necessary. There are also many pitfalls to avoid in graphic design (such as badly designed logos which are unable to transfer across mediums) so employing a professional designer ensures you’re future ready too!

Why hire a freelance graphic designer

A good freelance designer will take all factors into consideration when starting any kind of project just as a design agency would. From audience and message to medium used and longevity of the campaign. You want your projects to be as successful as possible to ensure you get a good return on investment. A good freelance designer will have many of the skills that are found within design agencies but without having the expensive fees or retainer contracts. Plus, a Freelance Graphic Designer is not just a designer, but they also have a great business head (they have to, they work for themselves!). So they will completely understand budgets, timescales and take into account both your concerns and wishes – it’s your business, it’s your baby!

In Summary…

Hiring a good freelance designer means that you are free to manage your business safe in the knowledge you’ve hired a designer who thoroughly understands what you want, when you want it and the best way to achieve this at the best price. Communication is key, and whilst the workload is taken from you, you are kept in the loop at all times with concept stages, proofing, final sign off and beyond so you always feel a part of the project, just without the extra workload!


Get in touch if you are interested in hiring a freelance graphic designer. Email hello@cazdaviesdesign.co.uk and start a conversation. It’s always nice to chat.